A Cut Above

Here at Rock Ridge Stone, we do things differently. Settling for nothing less than Pennsylvania Bluestone found in the quarries of Northeastern Pennsylvania, we aren’t your typical bluestone company. Additionally, our manufacturing process makes your job easier. While our bluestone is naturally born above the competition, it’s what we do afterward that sets it apart from the rest.

Our bluestone stands out from ordinary stone because we took the time to develop a finishing process that eliminates jagged edges and uneven corners, simplifying installation. Contractors and masons love working with our beautiful, natural bluestone to create long lasting outdoor living areas and walkways.

Rock Ridge Stone Bluestone
Select Blue Thermal Bluestone
Our Blue Thermal Pattern is ideal for patios and walkways, and is the definition of quality bluestone. Our unique manufacturing process ensures consistent finishes and edges, which makes for easy installation.
Full Range Thermal Bluestone
Just like our Select Blue Thermal, this is what outdoor bluestone is all about. Our Full Range Thermal is perfect for outdoor landscaping and comes in both nominal and full dimensional sizes.
Select Blue Thermal Bluestone Treads
For adding the finishing touches to an already beautiful look, the Select Blue Thermal Treads are a must-have for projects such as steps or a patio border.
Full Range Thermal Bluestone Treads
Just like the Blue Thermal Treads, the Full Range Thermal Treads are the perfect addition to complete any outdoor project design.
Irregular Thermal Stand Up Bluestone
Why be ordinary? Our Thermal Stand-up pieces give a unique style to those who don’t want the standard square and rectangle look.
Select Blue Cutting Stock
When something a little bigger is needed, this is the way to go. These are the largest slabs in the industry and can be custom cut to fit the demands of any job.


Once my customers work with Rock Ridge Stone bluestone, I know they will be back. The quality and finish of the product allows them to focus on delivering beautiful landscaping
Bob LeggeCape Cod StoneOrleans, MA